Dog Walking

We find that dogs really enjoy their time out on the interesting and varied walks that we provide. Walks usually last around 45 minutes, and we always make sure that they completely meet the needs of your dog. So if your older dog enjoys more of a gentle stroll than a run around, or if they prefer more ball play than a long walk, we can easily adapt their outing to suit them.

We offer a free initial consultation where we get to know all about your dog’s needs and requirements. Your dog can either be walked individually, or with a maximum of 3 other well behaved dogs of a suitable nature. They can also be walked on or off lead depending on your preference.

Your dog can either be walked from your own home, or transported in our secure and comfortable purpose designed vehicle to a safe green environment to allow them to play and exercise. Most dogs love their journey to somewhere different, as it adds to their adventure for the day. We will always leave you a note after each visit to let you know what they have been doing during their outing.

Your dog will always be given a good rub down after they have been out. This means that they are nice and dry after those wet days out, and ensures that they don’t leave a trail of muddy paws throughout your house. They will then be settled back in, making sure that they are comfortable and have plenty of fresh water, before we leave your house safely locked up.

We are also happy to pick up your mail, which can be helpful if your dog enjoys chewing your letters. We will follow any instructions you have with regards leaving out toys, treats, etc; although after their walk most dogs rather enjoy a nice long afternoon nap.


Dog-Walking West Lothian

Dog-Walking West Lothian