Pet Sitting / Home Visits

Home visits are a great way of ensuring that your pet is being looked after in the comfort of their own home for those times when you can’t be there. We offer a free initial consultation where we get to know all about your pet’s needs and requirements.

Our standard home visits last around 30 minutes, which we feel is a good amount of time to give your pets the attention they deserve. However, we also offer a shorter 15 minute pop-in visit for those pets who require less interaction.

We are happy to send you a text message during your holiday, or after a one off home visit to let you know that all is well at home.

You also have the peace of mind knowing that at Elite Pet Care we are police checked and insured.

Home visits can benefit you and your pets in many ways:


Cats especially can feel unsettled and anxious if they are moved to unfamiliar surroundings. Our home visiting service means they will receive all the care and attention that they require on a daily basis, without the stress of moving away from their home environment.

Cat visits can be once or twice a day depending on your preference. During this time we will feed your cats, attend to their litter trays and keep their surroundings clean and hygienic. We will play with your cat, if that is what they like, although some prefer more of a gentle stroke or a cuddle than play. Rest assured though, whatever their preference they will receive the individual attention they need.


If you work long hours or are away for the day we can visit your dog at home, let them out for a toilet break and spend some quality time interacting with them. Whether they like to chase a ball in the garden or prefer being stroked and petted, this service can help to break up your dog’s day if they are alone for longer periods of time. Dog home visits can be beneficial for elderly dogs, puppies, or for those dogs that don’t need a longer walk during the day.

We can also provide your dog with a home visit in addition to a walk. This can be helpful if you know you are going to be away from home for a long period of time during the day, and feel that your dog would benefit from more than just one visit or walk.

Rabbits, Birds, and other small animals

Small animals can become stressed if there is a change in their routine. Our home visiting service is an ideal way of letting your pets stay in the comfort of their own environment, allowing them to be relaxed and happy when you are away.

We will tailor the length and number of visits to your requirements. Visits will normally include feeding and keeping water bowls topped up, hutch/cage cleaning, and general interaction with your pet. We will be guided by you at our initial consultation as to what type of interaction your pets enjoy most, so that we can make the most of our visits.








pet sitting - pet home visits West Lothian



pet sitting - pet home visits West Lothian