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Dog Walking

At Elite Pet Care our dog walking is much more than just a walk!  We take out a maximum of 5 dogs together on our group walks, ensuring that they are all suitably matched. Dogs have lots of fun on our walks, not only do they enjoy exploring their surroundings and having a run around; they also have fun working on that all important recall, as well as some focus and engagement and appropriate play. Being a dog trainer, I am also very aware of dog body language and canine behaviour, so you can be assured that your dog is always in good hands.

Dogs with a good recall will enjoy off lead walks with us, while those still working on their recall will still enjoy the freedom, albeit on a long training line. As always, safety is paramount. We take our pups and adolescent dogs out with older sensible dogs, which is the perfect way of helping them learn the ropes. Please note that young pups will have walks that consist of part walking and part watching in the puppy sling. This is an ideal way to help to socialise your puppy from a young age, while also making sure we look after their little joints and growing bones.

Our walks last around 45 mins, although dogs are generally out for longer as we pick up and drop off their dog pals. We keep the areas that we cover fairly small so that dogs are not in the van for a long period of time, although we find that dogs do tend to love the van, which is air conditioned with individual custom-built crates and comfortable vet bedding, all ensuring that your dog travels comfortably and safely.

Your furry friend will always be given a good rub down after they have been out. This means that they are nice and dry after those wet days out, ensuring that they don’t leave a trail of muddy paws throughout your house. They will then be settled back in, making sure that they have plenty of fresh water, before we leave your house safely locked up.

We offer a free initial consultation for our dog walking service, which gives us the chance to meet and discuss your needs and requirements.

Me and Benji
Me and Benji